WORK / Co-Owner, FOOD HOUSE - May 1992 - August 1995, Los Angeles, CA


In 1992 FOODHOUSE, which was imagined and operated by Robert Gunderman, Leonard Bravo, myself and later Randy Sommer, opened out of necessity for an artists run space that valued emerging artists’ work, performances and happenings in Los Angeles.

The high dollar art market of the 1980’s had ended and an economic recession had caused many galleries to close their doors.



As an artist run alternative art gallery, FOOHOUSE exemplified the contagious do-it-yourself energy of the early 1990’s. Opened in a small run down schoolroom in Santa Monica, FH exhibited 55 group and solo shows, hosted performance art nights and invited local bands to play.



But unlike a typical gallery FH would make some adjustments that would be in favor of the artist, namely a more favorable split in sales to the artist, and the gallery would not own a specific stable of artists but would have a working relationship with many artists.


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Sam Durant - Solo Show
Sam Durant - Solo Show

Installation view

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Kevin Appel - Group Show
Kevin Appel - Group Show

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EXHIBITIONS / PROJECTS (in chronological order)

Inaugural Exhibition June 9, 1992 - Closing Exhibition March 4, 1995

Gourp Show Tom Hartman, Eo Harper, Antonio Gonella, Leonard Bravo, Michael Arata, Robert Gunderman, Tim Clare and Stephen Hartzog

Group Show - John Elder and JIm Richards

Nutrition - Group SHow

Stephen Wong

Group Show - Eo Harper, Jack Richardson and Carlos Mollura

"Tattoo" - curated by Bennett Roberts - Including Rory Devine, Carol Davis, LouAnne Greenwald, Noel O'Malley, Yolanda McKay, Leonard Seagal and Mary Broegger

Michael Arata

Group Show - LouAnne Greenwald and Holly Wilder

Group Show - Kevin Appel, Michael Pavoni and Steve Hanson

"Mimosa" - curated by Leonard Seagul through Nomadic Sites - Including Rory Devine, Linda Stark, Patrick Nickell, Katherine Leighnor, Jacci Den Hartog and Marc Pally

Jack Richarson

Group Show - Kieth Pirlot, Noel O'Malley and Jim Richards

Larry Mantello

Derick Armor

Keith Pirlot

Group Show - Joe Smoke and Anne-Marie Sircello

Chris Finley

Lawrence Gipe

"Thanks" - One Year anniverary group show

Elizabeth Razzano

Jennifer Steinkamp

Salley Elesby

Steven Criqui

Keith Pirlot

Antonio Gonella

Jason Mckechnie

Andrea Bowers

"Germinal Notations" - Group Show

Eo Harper

Jim Richards

Chris Finley

"The Power of Positive Thinking" - curated by Sam Durant

Tammy Rosen, Ed Suman, Andrea Bowers, Lilly Van Der Stoker and Mitchel Syrop

Kevin Appel

Group Show - Salley Elesby, Jane Reynolds and Antonio Gonella

Daniel Weiner

Anna-Marie Sircello

Sam Durant

Luca Buvoli

Kent Young

Joyce Lightbody

Susie Parker

Tyller Stallings

"Thanks Again" - Two year anniversary group show

Carlos Mollura

Ben Chase

Kenneth Riddle

Elizabeth Rizzano

Salley Elesby

Jane Reynolds

Michael Pierzynski

Habib Kherardyar

Dan Knapp

"Late Photography" - Group Show - Including Miles Coolidge, Steven Criqui and Tyler Stallings

"Pretty" - Group Show - Including Kevin Appel, Andrea Bowers, Jeffrey Burton, Salley Elesby, Lisa Hein, Marisa Hernandez and Melissa Pokorny

"Time and Space" - Group show addressing the closing of the space - Including Rory Devine, Sam Durant, Allyson Hollingsworth, Carlos Mollura, Dave Muller, Carter Potter, Elizabeth Razzano and Kent Young