WORK / Owner, Spanish Box - November 1995 - February 1997, Santa Barbara, CA


After closing FOODHOUSE in 1995, Spanish Box opened in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Spanish Box was a small jewel box house walking distance to the SB contemporary Arts Forum, local galleries and shopping.

In the year and a half it was open, Spanish Box hosted twelve solo and group exhibitions, two artists’ multiple box projects, artists’ catered dinner parties and three traveling bus happenings.

In order to provide Los Angeles art lovers a means of transportation, Dave Muller of Three Day Weekend and I organized the Antelope Valley Bus Trip. Muller created custom playlists of music and I curated video artists screenings for the monitors on board. The bus would be parked outside the gallery the duration of an opening for all patrons to enjoy.

The outdoor space of the house was used for dinners, film projections and a series of Dave Muller paintings promoting the shows of different artists.

Also, to further promote the artists and the space I created a multiple box project. After six months of exhibitions each artist who had shown created a multiple piece to be housed in 100 cardboard boxes the size of a thick book. The box containing these small works of art, and images of their shows, were then mailed to recipients as a sort of catalog object.

Carlos Mollura Solo Show
Carlos Mollura Solo Show

Inaugural show with an installation by Carlos Mollura.

Carlos Mollura Installation
Carlos Mollura Installation

Spanish Box Multiple project
Spanish Box Multiple project

An edition of 100 "Spanish Boxes" were made as a promotional item for the first 6 shows, including photos, multiple pieces by each artist and an essay by a critic.

Carlos Mollura Solo Show
Carlos Mollura Solo Show

Inaugural show with an installation by Carlos Mollura.


EXHIBITIONS / PROJECTS (in chronological order)

Carlos Mollura

Andrea Bowers

Antelope Road Trip Bus Trip - LA-Santa Barbara - Videos onboard by Eo Harper, Susan Lutz, Meredith Decotiis and Edward Luisser - Music provided by Dave Muller

Sally Elesby - Vanitas Paintings for the 90's

Michael Pierzynski - Happy Ending

MOD SQUAD - Group Show Curated by Michael Darling

Antelope Road Trip Bus and BBQVideos onboard by Jessica Bronson, Andrea Bowers, Susan Lutz and David Hughs - Music provided by Dave Muller

Darrin Little - Reconnaissance

Kevin Appel - New Paintings

Tom Baldwin - In Seven Pieces

FILM SCREENING - Eo Harper and Suan Lutz - Lake and Lily, a collaborative film screening

Eo Harper - Savor

John Souza - BONECOLOR

Elizabeth Saveri and Susan Lutz - Place, a collaboration

Dave Muller - Love Is All Around, (in black and white and color)

Antelope Road Trip Bus Trip - Band and Dinner - CoProduced with Three Day Weekend - Videos onboard by Daniel Marlos and Robert West - Music onboard by Dave Muller - Band Gobbler